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Middle-Age Financial Mistakes That Keep Seniors from Aging Well

October 23, 2013 Posted In Estate Planning,Firm News

In Colorado and throughout the nation, those in their 50s feel younger and more vibrant than they did a few generations ago. According to Forbes Magazine, this false sense of security causes many in their 50s to make some financial decisions that could negatively impact them as they age. Forbes acknowledges that those in their…

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Spendthrift Trusts and Asset Protection

October 11, 2013 Posted In Firm News,Trust Administration

While trusts are commonly regarded in Colorado and elsewhere as estate planning tools, they can also be useful as a way for people to protect their assets while they are still living. An asset protection trust, also known as a spendthrift trust, places assets into a living trust under which the trustor is also the…

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Estate Planning Should Be Done Early

September 24, 2013 Posted In Estate Planning,Firm News

Estate planning is often associated with retirement, but getting affairs in order earlier in life can ensure that an individual is prepared for life’s uncertainties. Regardless of how much a person is worth, they should begin the process of estate planning as soon as possible. Especially for those with young children, setting a financial plan…

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