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Include Provisions for Aging in Estate Planning

August 23, 2013 Posted In Asset Protection,Estate Planning,Medical Directives,Powers of Attorney,Wills

People in Colorado who are engaged in their estate planning might want to include provisions denoting how they want their estates handled if they become unable to make financial decisions themselves in their living wills. Because more and more Americans are living longer, it is more important than ever now for people to plan for…

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Estate Planning is A Key Part Of Retirement

April 19, 2013 Posted In Estate Planning,Powers of Attorney,Trusts,Wills

Colorado residents expecting to retire in the next year should start planning for it. Retirement is something many individuals spend much of their lives looking forward to, but for people to be able to enjoy it, they should prepare accordingly. To ensure that retirement is relatively free of stress and that one’s future is taken…

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Relative, Conservator Battle Over Colorado Man’s Estate

October 3, 2012 Posted In Estate Planning,Firm News,Guardianships & Conservatorships,Powers of Attorney

We often discuss the importance of estate planning. While most people do not like to think about their own death, none of us is immortal. But estate planning is not just about what happens after you die. If you become incapacitated in some way and care not able to make decisions for yourself, you may…

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