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Do Not Be Caught Off-Guard by Estate Planning Myths

October 17, 2012 Posted In Estate Planning,Firm News

It is Estate Planning Awareness Week, a perfect occasion to clear up some widespread misconceptions about the importance of making plans for the future. Just about every Colorado resident can benefit from estate planning, from millionaires to children of low-income parents. The only difference is in the individual choices you make about your assets, health…

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Relative, Conservator Battle Over Colorado Man’s Estate

October 3, 2012 Posted In Estate Planning,Firm News,Guardianships & Conservatorships,Powers of Attorney

We often discuss the importance of estate planning. While most people do not like to think about their own death, none of us is immortal. But estate planning is not just about what happens after you die. If you become incapacitated in some way and care not able to make decisions for yourself, you may…

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Dennis Hopper’s Daughter Inherits $3 Million

September 21, 2012 Posted In Estate Planning,Firm News,Trust Disputes,Trusts

After a couple has finalized a divorce is always a very good time to review one’s estate plan. Changing beneficiaries and ensuring that any children are properly provided for will make certain that one’s wishes are carried out upon one’s passing. Sometimes this is not always possible, especially if one of the divorcing parties dies…

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