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Man Contesting ‘Jeffersons’ Actor’s Will Wants A Piece Of The Pie

September 6, 2012 Posted In Firm News,Trust & Will Contests,Trust Disputes,Wills

One of the main reasons people create a will is to specify who should receive their financial assets and other belongings after they die. Among its many other purposes, a will takes the guesswork and emotional battles out of the process of dividing a person’s estate among surviving friends and family members. When you make…

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What Happens to Your Online Records When You Are Gone?

July 25, 2012 Posted In Estate Planning,Firm News

It seems that just about every move we make these days has a digital component to it. Our bank accounts are online, along with our bills for the mortgage, utilities, and cellphone. We put our memories on photo-sharing websites and even share our thoughts with hundreds of people on Facebook. In many respects we lead…

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Colorado Trustee Admits to Mishandling Elderly Client’s Accounts

July 11, 2012 Posted In Elder Law,Estate Planning,Firm News,Guardianships & Conservatorships,Probate, Estate, & Trust Administration,Trust & Will Contests,Trust Administration,Trust Disputes

Choosing a professional to help manage your assets is not a decision that should be made lightly. Whether you are looking for a trustee, a conservator or a power of attorney, you want to make sure that the person who makes financial decisions on your behalf is trustworthy. As we get much older, this task…

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