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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Estate Planning

August 10, 2021 Posted In Estate Planning,Life Insurance,Probate

Planning your estate is an important undertaking, which is why you want to avoid making mistakes to prevent future hardships for your family after you are gone. Several common issues can easily occur if you do your estate planning haphazardly. The best way to properly undertake this important task is by hiring a Denver estate…

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Probate FAQs: Answers about How to Start Colorado Probate

July 31, 2016 Posted In Estate Administration,Executors & Fiduciaries,Firm News,Probate,Probate Litigation,Trustees

Answers about How to Start Colorado Probate Probate, the process of validating a will, can be as complicated as it may lengthy and costly. For those who have taken on the role of personal representative or executor (of a decedent’s will), understanding just how to kick off the probate process in Colorado can be central…

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Colorado Probate 101: What are “Small” Estates?

April 30, 2016 Posted In Estate Planning,Probate

How Colorado laws define small estates? Small estates, according to Colorado law, are estates that are not exclusive to real estate assets and that are valued at less than $64,000. Contact us to get details on what can be included in the $64,000 worth of assets. When estates qualify as being “small” in the eyes…

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