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Trusts & Taxes: FAQs about Tax Obligations for Trusts & Trustees

July 15, 2016 Posted In Executors & Fiduciaries,Firm News,Trust Administration,Trustee Duties,Trustees,Trusts

Trusts & Taxes: FAQs Taxation for trusts can be complicated, as there are special rules in place for filing and paying for trust-related taxes (as opposed to personal or business taxes). Understanding the obligations and requirements for the taxes related to trusts is important to properly managing and administering trusts and to avoiding future complications,…

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Can I Include My Pet(s) in My Estate Plan?

July 6, 2016 Posted In Drafting Wills,Estate Planning,Firm News,Trusts

Pets can be wonderful companions and may even be considered to be members of the family for some people. Although pets are technically considered to be ‘property’ in the realm of estate planning, there are a number of ways that you can protect and ensure future care of your pets in your estate plan. How…

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Living Trust FAQs

July 10, 2015 Posted In Firm News,Trusts

Living trusts can be an important part of some estate plans, especially for people who have special needs children who want to help their families avoid probate and/or who have other special circumstances/wishes. To elucidate the benefits of living trusts and when people should consider setting them up, below, we’ll answer some of the most…

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