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Do you have concerns over your family member’s ability to continue supporting themselves financially, physically, or emotionally? Are you interested in learning more about obtaining guardianship over someone close to you? Or perhaps you are interested in learning more about whether a conservatorship is more appropriate?

Guardianships and conservatorships are taken seriously in the state of Colorado. If you believe that someone you love could benefit from a guardianship or conservatorship, reach out to a compassionate Golden guardianship and conservatorship attorney at Colorado Estate Matters, Ltd. for a free consultation. Call us at (303) 713-9147 to get started.

Is Colorado Estate Matters, Ltd. the Right Law Firm for You?

When you need help with a guardianship or conservatorship in Golden, here are a few reasons why Colorado Estate Matters, Ltd. is the right law firm for you:

  • Our attorneys genuinely care for our clients and their families. It is important to us that your family is able to get through these tough times and get your legal matters under control while minimizing any damage that might be done to your relationships.
  • We always offer quick and free consultations. We know that you do not have time to wait weeks to be seen. We will get you in as soon as possible and learn more about what your needs are with our client-led approach.
  • Colorado Estate Matters, Ltd. has 20+ years of legal experience and a strong track record of success.

Differences Between Guardianships and Conservatorships in Golden

When an adult becomes ill or is otherwise unable to make decisions or care for themselves, the courts may determine that it is in this individual‘s best interest to have a guardian appointed to them.

If you are the family member, friend, or a relative of an incapacitated adult, you may have the opportunity to seek a guardianship order in Golden. If selected, you will be responsible for handling your loved ones personal care, limited financial affairs, and medical decisions and care.

In contrast, a conservatorship provides the conservator with the responsibility of handling the incapacitated person’s financial affairs in full. It is possible for you to be named as both a guardian and conservator.

How to Get a Golden Guardianship or Conservatorship Order

Are you interested in seeking a guardianship or conservatorship order in Golden? Here is how you can get started:

  • Begin by filing a petition for the appointment of a guardian for an incapacitated person if you are seeking guardianship
  • If you are seeking a conservatorship, you can start off by filing a petition for the appointment of a conservator

You will need to provide the court with a physician’s letter that describes the incapacitated person’s medical condition and other relevant information that describes how they are unable to provide and care for themselves.

Your loved one will then need to be served with your notice and petition and a hearing will be ordered. Once the hearing has been held, the court will determine whether a guardianship or conservatorship appointment is necessary and appropriate.

Meet With a Guardianship and Conservatorship Attorney in Golden Today

Obtaining a guardianship or conservatorship order is often an involved process. If you want to take steps to protect someone you love who is unable to care for themselves, you may be able to get your petition for a guardianship or conservatorship approved.

Find out what your next steps should be when you contact an experienced Golden guardianship and conservatorship lawyer at Colorado Estate Matters, Ltd.. We offer free, no-risk consultations to residents in Golden and surrounding cities. Claim yours when you fill out our quick contact form or call our office at (303) 713-9147.

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