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When is the Probate Process Necessary?

When a person passes away, probate will generally be necessary if the decedent’s estate includes “probate assets,” which are assets that are not automatically passed onto to a specific person (like, for instance, the decedent’s spouse). In Colorado, the Uniform Probate Code has simplified much of the probate process and can empower people to sidestep some of the common costs and issues that are notorious for complicating these proceedings.

When is the Probate Process Necessary?At Colorado Estate Matters, Ltd., our Denver probate lawyers have the legal knowledge and experience necessary to help you get through the probate process as efficiently and favorably as possible. When you are dealing with probate, you can trust us to provide you with superior professional representation at every phase of the process so that you can obtain the best possible resolutions to these proceedings. Contact us at (303) 713-9147, or fill out our online form.

The Probate Process in Colorado: Types of Probate Proceedings

How probate will proceed will depend on various factors, including (but not limited to) the value of the estate and whether there may be any disputes regarding the terms of a will or the proposed distribution of the estate’s assets. The three types of probate proceedings specifically include:

  • Informal probate – With these proceedings, there is no court supervision, and the probate process can be resolved in as little as six or so months. Informal probate is primarily conducted by filing a series of forms with the appropriate district court, paying the necessary expenses of the estate and then distributing the remaining assets of the estate as appropriate (according to the terms of a will or Colorado state laws). Most probate cases in Colorado are resolved through informal probate proceedings.
  • Unsupervised formal probate – Similar to informal probate, unsupervised formal probate is carried out without the supervision of the court. In contrast to informal probate, however, this type of probate is usually pursued when there is some type of dispute regarding the distribution of an estate’s assets and/or there is an issue determining the beneficiaries of an estate.
  • Supervised formal probate – In this rarely used form of probate, the court oversees the probate proceedings and is responsible for resolving the disputes that have arisen over the will and/or the decedent’s estate. These tend to be the most contentious (and expensive) types of probate proceedings, and they tend to take the longest amount of time to be resolved.

Regardless of the type of probate process, you may be dealing with, the bottom line is that you will have the best chances of resolving the matter as expeditiously as possible if you are represented by a Denver estate planning lawyer.

Why Choose Colorado Estate Matters, Ltd.?

When you are preparing for probate, don’t hesitate to contact the Denver probate attorneys at Colorado Estate Matters, Ltd. We are skilled at standing up for our clients’ interests throughout the probate process and helping them secure the best possible resolutions to these proceedings. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality of legal services. We also want to help them get through probate with minimal costs and complications so they can focus on their future.

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When probate is necessary, you can rely on a Denver probate lawyer at Colorado Estate Matters, Ltd. to help you resolve the matter as favorably and efficiently as possible. You can learn more about our array of probate legal services by meeting with us for an initial consultation. To schedule this meeting, call us at (303) 713-9147. You may also contact us through our online form.

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