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Colorado Estate Planning, Probate, Estate Administration, Humane Divorce and Tax Planning

At the law firm Colorado Estate Matters, Ltd., we are conveniently located in Denver, Colorado. Our Denver estate planning attorneys provide competent, caring, professional and affordable legal services to clients in the south Denver metro area in these main areas of law:

  • Estate Planning Overview: We draft wills, living trusts, powers of attorney and living wills to meet your goals. Everyone from age 18 on needs a basic estate plan. If you have a major change in your life, your estate plan may need to be changed. This is to protect your assets and also your loved ones. From basic documents to sophisticated planning, we can help you assess your needs and provide the most appropriate solutions.
  • Estate and Gift Taxation: Most often, the default situation will not save unnecessary taxation. The general rule is that tax savings are the reward for good planning.  Finally, we teach this area of the law and can help you keep as much in your pocket as possible.
  • Probate, estate administration, and trust administration: Death inherently leads to changed ownership. Whether it is through operation of contract, law, Will or Trust, these things must be done correctly. There may be some tax implications if not done correctly. We provide full services for probate, contested probate, estate administration, trust administration, and estate tax.  Even though someone who dies with a large number of assets and it does not mean it will pass automatically to beneficiaries.  For that reason it may require probate. Our lawyers can also with the process.
  • Elder law: Furthermore, once you reach age 60, there is more urgency to plan for events such as incapacity, nursing home admission, guardianship and death of a spouse. The issues of growing older are many and can be complex. We certainly understand and work in the interrelated disciplines necessary to get through these difficulties.
  • Conservatorship and Guardianship: There are times when the authority of the State is needed to protect someone. First of all, this could happen to someone who does not have the physical or mental incapacity.  It can be to protect a person and/or their assets from themselves or inappropriate outside forces. Our attorneys go to court in all counties of Colorado as may be necessary to make sure that your loved one is protected
  • Mediated divorce: Death of a relationship has much in common with the death of a loved one. Above all, the emotional issues overwhelm the technical issues. If a Dissolution of a marriage is inevitable, it does not have to drain your assets and emotions.  Therefore we certainly engage couples  who wish to save as much of their money, sanity, and emotional well-being. This mediation-based approach can help you get through this most difficult of times with the least amount of damage.
  • IRA Rescue: Most people do not realize that if they have both an IRA (or 401k or any other tax-deferred retirement plan) as well as a taxable estate, at death, the IRA could lose up to 70 percent of its value to your taxes. We have safe and secure methods to minimize this loss and maximize the amount you leave your heirs.

Our lawyers do more than guide our clients, we also educate because we want them to make informed decisions.

“You addressed the special needs of my end of life concerns with understanding and knowledge of community resources which have been included in my living will. The entire process was efficiently concluded which reflects well on your legal services and gives me confidence that my wishes will be carried out.”  – John R.

“Justin, I don’t envy you if this has been a typical Estate Settlement argument. Particularly if you must deal with ones arrogance. You have been absolutely great helping and advising me. At some point, I will get with you regarding a proper Will for myself. Next time I’m in Denver I’ll be certain to set aside the time to do so. I have been confident throughout this entire sordid affair that I have received excellent advice from yourself and Mr. Phillips. Your fees were entirely appropriate. I walked away from this unhappy period, with my head held high (thanks to your counsel) but also secure in the knowledge that I received far better counsel than the Trustee through the firm. Thanks.”  – Dennis F.

“John was extremely thorough in vetting out OUR wishes and requests and guiding us to the proper way to achieve them by raising questions specific to our needs and showing us options at different junctures … Time was never hurried and we were given options along the way as to how … we chose to structure our documents.”

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From our offices in Denver, we serve clients throughout the southwest and southeast Metro Area, including (but not limited to) people in Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Castle Rock, Parker, Aurora, Greenwood Village, Englewood, Centennial, Wheat Ridge, Golden and Arvada.

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