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Golden Estate Planning

When you are getting ready to sit down and plan your estate, you may be feeling overwhelmed. There are many different elements that need to go into strong estate plans. And before you sign documents that you do not understand, it is important that you carefully consider all of the different components of a well-crafted estate plan.

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When to Contact Colorado Estate Matters, Ltd.

Planning your estate can be a very involved process. Fortunately, when you choose Colorado Estate Matters, Ltd. to represent you, the process can be much easier. Here is what to expect when you go with us:

  • Free consultations
  • Ability to discuss your case virtually
  • 20+ years of legal experience
  • Customizable estate planning options
  • Clear and prompt communication
  • Our firm’s client-led approach to estate planning

Importance of Estate Planning in Golden

There are many different reasons why it is important to start planning your estate today. There are several elements that go into well-crafted estate plans. And if you want to be sure that your wishes are observed after you pass away, it is important that you make sure that they are accurately and thoroughly documented.

Having estate plans in place can also help protect your family from having to deal with estate taxation after your deaths. When they are already mourning your loss, avoiding these types of frustrations can save them a considerable amount of stress.

It is also important to draw up your estate plans in Golden to prevent the likelihood of family disputes after your death. It is not uncommon for families to disagree with how property and assets are distributed after a family member passes away. But when you carefully explain your wishes in your estate plans, the opportunity for contests or disputes can be dramatically reduced.

How to Avoid Probate With Your Golden Estate Plans

One of the things that many people are worried about when they are formulating their estate plans is how they are going to be able to help their family avoid having to go through probate. There are several ways you can avoid probate in the state of Colorado, including:

  • Setting up living trusts for your assets
  • Having payable-on-death designations for savings and checking accounts
  • Owning property in joint tenancy

Here, your assets will be transferred to your family members, trustees, or other beneficiaries when you pass away. This is much different from assets and property that are left to heirs in a will. Here, the assets and property are being left to an heir. With trusts and joint ownership, assets are transferred. This distinction is key.

Get Help From an Estate Planning Attorney in Golden

If you want to do your part to protect your family after your passing, the best way you can do so is by formulating a strong estate plan. Work with a dedicated Golden estate planning lawyer at Colorado Estate Matters, Ltd. to get started on yours as soon as today.

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