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Don’t Forget About Digital Assets in Your Estate Plan

January 30, 2013 Posted In Asset Protection,Estate Planning,Trusts,Wills

Colorado residents who make the wise decision to map out an estate plan are likely to find themselves juggling both paperwork and digital files. It is likely that the older people are, the more paper records of accounts they’ll have. Younger estate planners, meanwhile, may be wondering how to organize their computer files so that…

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Estate of Fatally Poisoned Lottery Winner Tied Up in Probate

January 15, 2013 Posted In Creditors and Probate,Estate Planning,Firm News,Probate, Estate, & Trust Administration

It reads like the script of a crime drama or even a soap opera: A man wins a fortune in the lottery, only to be poisoned shortly thereafter. Soon the victim’s family members begin pointing fingers, accusing each other of ulterior motives while the coroner tries to have the victim’s body exhumed. If he can…

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Death of Homeless Heir to $19M Fortune Adds to Family Drama

January 2, 2013 Posted In Claims,Firm News,Probate, Estate, & Trust Administration,Trust & Will Contests,Trust Disputes

Those familiar with the life of railroad heiress Huguette Clark might be interested to know that the drama surrounding her multimillion-dollar fortune has just taken another turn. A 60-year-old homeless man who was in line to receive a hefty portion of her estate,  an estimated $19 million was found dead recently of hypothermia, adding another…

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