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Estate Planning Should Be Done Early

September 24, 2013 Posted In Asset Protection,Estate Planning,Powers of Attorney,Wills

Estate planning is often associated with retirement, but getting affairs in order earlier in life can ensure that an individual is prepared for life’s uncertainties. Regardless of how much a person is worth, they should begin the process of estate planning as soon as possible. Especially for those with young children, setting a financial plan…

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Certain Documents Should Accompany Every Estate Plan

September 13, 2013 Posted In Asset Protection,Estate Planning,Estate Taxes,Medical Directives,Powers of Attorney,Trusts,Wills

Planning for one’s death is never pleasant; however, as many Colorado residents may already know, it is often a fact of life. This is especially true when there are numerous assets that must be given away as part of one’s estate. An authority on the subject in a recent piece provided some guidance on which…

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Make Sure Beneficiary Designations Are Current

September 5, 2013 Posted In Asset Protection,Estate Planning,Probate, Estate, & Trust Administration

Beneficiary designations play a big role in determining the disposition of assets upon a Denver resident’s death. Typically, these beneficiaries are named in the paperwork of financial assets such as investment accounts, IRAs and insurance policies. If there is a conflict between who is named in a will and who is named as a beneficiary…

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