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An Overview of the Colorado Probate Process

July 20, 2015 Posted In Firm News,Probate

Many estates have to pass through Colorado probate after a person dies. While probate can proceed informally for uncontested estates, formal probate, which is known for being complicated, lengthy and expensive, can be necessary when: A will is invalid, is ambiguous or is being contested. There are issues (apparent or actual) regarding the administration of…

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Living Trust FAQs

July 10, 2015 Posted In Firm News,Trusts

Living trusts can be an important part of some estate plans, especially for people who have special needs children who want to help their families avoid probate and/or who have other special circumstances/wishes. To elucidate the benefits of living trusts and when people should consider setting them up, below, we’ll answer some of the most…

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Your Essential Estate Planning Checklist

June 30, 2015 Posted In Estate Planning,Firm News

When you’re ready to put an estate plan in place, knowing where to start and what you need to do can be confusing. To help you initiate this process with a mind towards the various aspects you may need to consider.  We  have provided an essential estate planning checklist. Do not hesitate to contact us…

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