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Golden Living Trusts

It is not unusual for people to go into the estate planning process with the idea that they want to do everything possible to avoid having their estate go through probate. One of the best ways to accomplish his goal is by setting up living trusts. But living trusts can often be more confusing than many people realize.

When you have a dedicated Golden living trusts attorney at Colorado Estate Matters, Ltd. representing you, you can get the clarity and answers you need to set up your living trust and protect your family’s future. Schedule your free consultation when you call our office at (303) 713-9147.

Why Choose Colorado Estate Matters, Ltd. for Help With Living Trusts in Golden

Are you still having trouble figuring out which law firm is the right one to help you with your Golden living trusts? Here is what you get when you select Colorado Estate Matters, Ltd.:

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Benefits of Living Trusts

One of the primary concerns people have when they are formulating their estate plans is how to help their families avoid having to go through probate. One of the best ways to avoid probate is by setting up a living trust. Living trusts in Golden allow you to transfer your assets or property to your family members, or trustees when you die.

This is different from a will which requires that your assets or property be passed down from you to your beneficiary. If a living trust exists, the contents of the living trust are not subject to probate. This means your family may be able to avoid having to go through probate after you pass away.

How to Set Up Living Trusts in Golden

One of the reasons why many people are hesitant to set up living trusts is because they believe the process is extremely complex or only for the incredibly wealthy. But setting up a living trust in Golden is much easier than you might think. Here is what you can expect from the process:

  • Decide what property to put in the trust
  • Choose your successor trustee
  • Designate your trust beneficiaries
  • Craft the living trust documents
  • Sign your living trust documents before a notary public
  • Make updates to any trust property titles

The process of setting up a living trust looks much more difficult than it is. But when you have an experienced Golden living trusts attorney helping you formulate your estate plans, you can be sure that the process proceeds seamlessly.

If you have additional questions about what assets or property can be included in a living trust, or if you want to know more about what else should be included in your estate plans, contact our office for a free case review.

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Living trusts may be a great option to include as part of your estate plans. If you have additional questions about how living trusts work or how to get started setting up yours, get help from an experienced Golden living trusts lawyer at Colorado Estate Matters, Ltd.. We can be reached by phone at (303) 713-9147 or through our convenient contact form when you are ready to get started on your estate plans.

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