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Your Trustee Duties: Here Is What You Need to Know (Pt. 1)

November 25, 2014 Posted In Breach of Fiduciary Duty,Trust Administration,Trust Disputes,Trusts

Being a trustee is a big responsibility that comes with both ethical and administrative obligations. Although you do not have to have an attorney inform you of these obligations or help you comply with them.  If you try to administer a trust on your own (especially when you may have some other significant obligations in…

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Death of Homeless Heir to $19M Fortune Adds to Family Drama

January 2, 2013 Posted In Claims,Firm News,Probate, Estate, & Trust Administration,Trust & Will Contests,Trust Disputes

Those familiar with the life of railroad heiress Huguette Clark might be interested to know that the drama surrounding her multimillion-dollar fortune has just taken another turn. A 60-year-old homeless man who was in line to receive a hefty portion of her estate,  an estimated $19 million was found dead recently of hypothermia, adding another…

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Dennis Hopper’s Daughter Inherits $3 Million

September 21, 2012 Posted In Estate Planning,Firm News,Trust Disputes,Trusts

After a couple has finalized a divorce is always a very good time to review one’s estate plan. Changing beneficiaries and ensuring that any children are properly provided for will make certain that one’s wishes are carried out upon one’s passing. Sometimes this is not always possible, especially if one of the divorcing parties dies…

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